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Sam Meets Sara - Stream the new single on Spotify

Sam Meets Sara - Stream the new single on Spotify


"Sam Meets Sara" is an exploration of the concept of Samsara and an international collaboration with remote tracking and production in the US, Canada, and Japan. Osaka underground percussionist, Isariyo Atsushi "Sano San", recorded metal trash kit percussion inside the legendary Music Bar Hokage. The blend of Danny Schreiber's (Olympia, WA) technical drumming and Sano's doom percussion create a powerful dimension to the track. Vocals and guitars were tracked in San Diego, CA by Brian C and Doug "Smitty". Mixed by Chris Baseford in Vancouver B.C., and Mastered by Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound via Nashville, TN. Sam Meets Sara is an evolution of the project, surpassing the limits of time and space on creativity. QUOR will be performing the song live together with Sano at Osaka Hokage in June, cementing the unity in which the track was created.

QUOR Drummer Danny Schreiber Featured in MODERN DRUMMER Magazine

QUOR Drummer Danny Schreiber
The prog-metal band QUOR has been together since 2013, and their newest member is drummer Danny Schreiber. The band just got back from a Japanese tour which found them playing at the Osaka club called Hokage’, as well as Babel Rock Tower and Zirco in Tokyo. Schreiber, from Olympia WA, is also a visual and a tattoo artist operating out of his studio called The Copper Wolf.