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QUOR Partners With FM Music Management

QUOR Partners with FM Music Management

QUOR has taken a monumental step forward in our musical journey, joining forces with FM Music Management.

We are thrilled to announce this game-changing partnership, sure to bring QUOR's artistic endeavors to new levels. As we embark on this collaboration, we are looking forward to new opportunities, including more shows and tours in the coming months.

QUOR Partners With FM Music Management and Metal Bookings

QUOR is honored to join the FM roster alongside some real heavy-hitters - Testament, Armored Saint, Saliva, and Violent J (ICP) — to name a few. Renowned for its dedication to artist development and success, FM aligns seamlessly with QUOR's never-ending journey to push boundaries and create music that embodies our wildest life experiences.

With FM Music Management in our corner, QUOR has gained a dedicated ally committed to providing strategic guidance, expert management, and unparalleled industry insights. This support system will undoubtedly fuel our creative fire, allowing us to focus more intently on the art of making, and connecting with our audience.

Our fans (THE QUORLORDS) are the lifeblood of QUOR, and this partnership will allow them the experience QUOR in new ways. This collaboration aims to deepen the connection between the band and our supporters, and create a community where our love for music is celebrated and shared.

The union of QUOR and FM Music Management marks a huge moment in our musical journey. We invite our fans to join us on this exhilarating ride as we chart new frontiers, break boundaries, and fly this three-headed dragon to new heights. The future is bright, and we are grateful to have each and every one of you alongside us as we navigate this exciting chapter in the story of QUOR. 

Thank you to our friends, families, and fans for your everlasting support.